Sun is in Scorpio between October 23 and November 22, 2019…

Scorpio settles into her house among the fallen leaves, and in a darker, cold and misty weather… While the curtains are closed, she dives deep with the mysterious music coming from the record player sizzling in the background, puts what she did, didn’t do, couldn’t do, and aim to do and starts to analyze everything with utmost patience. Now it is time for her to go too deep, underline, cross-line and complete all the investigations and be prepared for the arena after November 22.

Scorpio is symbolized with water element in the nature. Water being the element of the deepest emotions and intuitions, exhibits its emotionality in Scorpio with passion, sexuality, doubt, deep intuition and intensity of all of these. With her fixed modality, she focuses on her issues, targets patiently and without deviation.

Mars being the planet of combat, resistance, defense is the ruler of Scorpio. During this period, Mars is in Libra until November 19. The tone of the combat is rather trying to reach a balance – which is difficult for Scorpio – and she will manifest herself with an effort of reconciliation and diplomacy. Especially in the last degrees of Mars in Libra (November 17-18), we may face some difficulties, strains in establishing this balance.

Venus is in Scorpio sign until November 1, and Mercury until  December 10.

Venus -the symbol of beauty, glamor, pleasure, delight and aesthetics- is travelling through Scorpio with passion, jealousy, spying and fatal attraction.

Mercury -the symbol of mind, intellect, communication, reasoning and expression- is in Scorpio, lets off the maximum energy of research, and deep analysis. Mercury, which will be in Retrograde motion in Scorpio within this timeframe, the issues we swept under the carpets, and postponed for a while will be brought on top of our table for deeper scrutiny and completion.

Let us say hello to a month of research and analysis ahead of us not only for ourselves, but also for the ones around us. Just like an investigator, a journalist, a detective, a chemist in the lab or a psychologist, we are at home for a while as of 8:19 pm today to turn our scope into new black or white decisions that will be in action afterwards.

If we touch an ice mass, our hand sticks and actually burns, and it can be difficult to break from. This is the feeling Scorpio depicts, and we need to experience this during the Scorpio days. If we want to wear our wings, we will suffer like Pluto. We will be torn down and reborn from our ashes to return to the arena after November 22.

Happy birthday Scorpio…  With our sincere regards to your passionate guidance for our transformation…

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